#1 Community growth tools in the space.

Get Leading Engage-To-Earn and Social Web3 Tools

Increase Discord growth by 10x.
Fully manageable on Discord.
No Web2 application required.

Bots released
  • βœ”Supports all blockchains including ETH, SOL, and APTOS
  • βœ”Marketing support with a collaboration RT
  • βœ”Updates pushed automatically
Over 125 Clients
#1 Leading Discord Growth Tools

Over 100 clients in less
than 2 months.

Set up our bot in less than 10 min. An average of 10x increase in engagement and community size.


Engagement Bot

Engage-to-earn, raid-to-earn Twitter integration, item store, bank system, community quests, games, events, raffle system, and future updates.

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Security Bot

Pin verification system, OTP for high risk staff activities, bot kicker for spammers/scammers, customizable unverified user kicker and future updates.

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NFT Tools

NFT floor price tracker, whitelist submission tools, NFT listings, NFT sales, token price tracking, holder verification, and more.

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Enterprise License

Includes Engagement Bot, Security Bot, NFT Tools and all are fully customizable. Clients may also request additional features, use API access, and remove any UA branding. All our plans are paired with our incredible support team that will assist with any questions, requests, mod or bot support.

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# Why Choose UA?

We have the most competitive prices with reputable feedback from well-known projects such as Trippin Apes.

We have onboarded many of the top projects including Infected Mob, Trippin Ape Tribe, Primates, PsyCatz, Busy Boars, and many more.

  • βœ”Allows users to easily like, RT, comment, and tweet to get rewarded.
  • βœ”Banking system allows you to reward your community based on their role within the server. Admins may choose 'claiming rate' percentage for different roles.
  • βœ”Fully customizable engage-to-earn system which features quests, games, raffles, looting, and many other tools to promote activity and engagement.
  • βœ”Additional features such as comment attack and raffle system constantly being added.
# How does it work?

Apply in 15 seconds
and get started today!

  • 1

    Connect your wallet and submit an application

    Log in via your wallet to submit an application. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours of your application being approved and your payment being processed.

  • 2

    Get a personalized bot invite link

    After you application is approved you will be given a Discord bot invite link that is customizable for your server. You can set up all of the bot except the Twitter Raid feature which required the Twitter API β€œelevated” access application. The process of applying for the Twitter API can take up to 72 hours.

  • 3

    Start setting up the Discord bot

    Once the bot is on your server, use our β€œGetting Started” documentation to customize the bot for your server or use our built-in quick setup command to get started right away.

Stats and Client Feedback


What they told us

  • β€œIt's so so well explained and the preset tools are just insanely well made.”

    ~ Bulls Head

  • β€œ...I'm impressed! I've been in web3 for over a year, and this is the best tool I've ever seen!”

    ~ Ninja Wallet

  • β€œIn my eyes, you have the most advanced engagement tool currently on the market.”

    ~ Busy Boars

  • β€œPeople are crazy with happy hours.. lmao best tool ever”

    ~ Heavenland

  • weekly visitors


    43.9% since last week
  • weekly communicators


    62.2% since last week
  • weekly members


    44.2% since last week
  • weekly new member retention


    307.8% since last week
# Engagement bot

Raid-to-Earn Feature

Twitter API integration makes it easy for users to get rewarded for Twitter engagement.
Increases Twitter engagement by over 30x

Pay To Raid

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# Engage and Grow!

See Utility Ape pricing below!

Buy a GEN 1, GEN 2, or Pixel UA to get a Discount. Collections are self-deflationary for both GEN 2 and Pixel. Learn more

  • Engagement Bot


    $60/mo for servers with less than or equal to 1k members


    $100/mo for servers with more than 1k members


    $200/mo for servers with more than 5k members


    $300/mo for servers with more than 10k members + $100/mo for every additional 10k members.

  • Security Bot


    Free for Engagement bot clients


    Standalone pricing: $40/mo for any server size

  • NFT Toolbox




    Add-on to Engagement or Security Bots

  • Enterprise


    Starting price is $700/mo


    Please contact SALES@UTILITYAPE.COM to discuss a customized solution

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